UEFA asks the arbitrators attention to hands on the ball and offsides

13 Sep

Pierluigi Collina, UEFA arbitration officer, expects the “men of the whistle” can maintain the high standards of quality and commitment that have been demonstrating over recent times. ” Still, the former referee calls attention to bids ‘ hand ball and out-of-game».

For this time, «will request to arbitrators to have special attention to hand on the ball and throws to the decisions regarding offsides», defended the Italian.

«This season we must continue in this way in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League», prophesied the responsible for arbitration of UEFA.

Collina spoke to the referees of the satisfaction of the Arbitration Committee of UEFA ‘ for having been achieved the goals established at the start of last season, in particular as regards the protection of players and the defense of the image of the sport, with fiery entries and improper use of shoulders and elbows», you can read up on the official site of UEFA.

Watch La Liga Online

17 Aug

In the first year he won the King’s Cup Championship, in the second and in the third the dream of José Mourinho and Real Madrid passes through the conquest of tenth Champions League. For now, start the Spanish League with the roles reversed in relation to a recent past and without Pep Guardiola in the Nou Camp.

Real Madrid

Enter in 2012/2013 as champion of Spain and the main target to be killed by the competition or, say, essentially by the FC Barcelona. José Mourinho has the title for the second year in Madrid and will now have to live with the Statute, which the Portuguese and the more proven squad merengue accept with ease.

As regards the new faces at the Santiago Bernabéu, nothing … again. With the case of Luka Modric still pending – and yet the Axel Witsel, alternative to Croatian, Mourinho star who made essentially bet Real Madrid Spain champion last season.

Casillas on Pepe, Xabi Alonso and Khedira and ending in Di Maria and, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo, merengues depart with the ambitions in the heights and with another big goal in mind: the UEFA Champions League, the much coveted tenth that Fahd Jose Mourinho the first coach in history to win three Champions with three different clubsAfter the FC Porto and Internazionale of Milan.

FC Barcelona

It is the year pós-Guardiola, which does not facilitate the task of the new coach blaugrana Tito Vilanova, still a man of the House and the trust of the former leader. The Exchange in charge is, incidentally, the big news in the Nou Camp for 2012/2013, where the rescue of lost title to Madrid is the great common goal.

In the field of entries and exits, Jordi Alba is the only reinforcement the dock in Catalonia. Shone in Valencia and Euro 2012 at the service of Spain, eventually returning to a home that knows well; is that Alba went through school of La Masia between 1996 and 2003, before finding the paths of the assertion by other stops.

Moreover, the letter custom gourmet to Vilanova: Lionel Messi leads a team able to lead Real Madrid to the extreme suffering. And this year, in addition to the argentino, Pyuol, Piqué, Xavi or Iniesta a returning David Villa to attack the scepter of Spanish football.

Valencia CF

The third Club of the Spanish Portuguese hierarchy came into orbit this summer, when hiring the Portuguese international Joao Pereira to Sporting. The right side is now team-mate Ricardo Costa at the Mestalla, where the intentions for 2012/2013 undergo repeat the 3rd place and, if possible, upset Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, the two major football dominators of the neighboring country.

Of the top teams, Valencia turned out to be one more move in the transfer market. The Mestalla arrived reinforcements interesting as the Mexican Andrés Guardado, the Argentinian Fernando Gago, the Spaniard Sergio Canales and the Paraguayan Nelson Valdez, apart from the already mentioned João Pereira.

In reverse, the Club ché fired up, Jordi Alba, the great transfer so far in the neighboring country, Hedwiges Maduro, Mehmet Topal or Portuguese goalkeeper Cristiano, who joined SC Braga. Miguel, who was seven seasons at the Club, is also output, although with the future still to be defined.

Atlético Madrid

The colchoneros depart for another season full of hopes, but where the 5th place last season is unlikely to be improved substantially. Still, Diego Simeone attacks 2012/2013 with some new faces in the squad, one well known of our football.

Cristián Rodríguez left the FC Porto and headed to the Vicente Calderón, where it joins the names like Emre Belözoglu or Cata Diaz in the list of reinforcements from the Spanish capital Club, which continues to count – at least until now – with Radamel Falcao, scorer of the last League behind extraterrestrial «» Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

In terms of outputs, the Brazilian Diego, who returned to the Vfl Wolfsburg – is, quite probably, the most painful for the holder of the Europa League, which also sold the Argentine winger Eduardo Salvio to Benfica by 11 million euros.

Deportivo La Coruña

In Galicia it is a colony of Portuguese players. In total, there are seven the lusos dotting the squad of Deportivo La Coruña, returning to the gathering of large in Spain. The goal, of course, is to use the «armada» lusitana in fight for maintenance.

Let’s them: Zé Castro, Roderick Miranda, Pizzi, Bruno Gama, Andre Santos, Diogo Salomão and Nélson Oliveira, here are the seven Portuguese José Luís Oltra will be available in 2012/2013, which joins the Brazilian left back Evaldo, ceded by Sporting the emblem of Riazor.

In addition to the five Portuguese who came to the Club this summer, all on loan, also the Spanish central defender Carlos Marchena, former Benfica, signed by Testifying, Watch La Liga Online


FC Porto Wins SuperCup

14 Aug

FC Porto shows Super fans this Tuesday

FC Porto will show fans the UEFA Super Cup trophy, won last Saturday, in Aveiro, in Academica.

The nineteenth most titled Club, Super Cup in Portugal, will be at FC Porto Dragon Store.

In a statement published on his official site, the defending champions and reveal that ‘ the national ‘ boss ‘ there will remain until Saturday, so all fans can see, photographing and being photographed with the UEFA Super Cup».

Braga Team 2012 – 2013

14 Aug

At ports of entry for the new season, the major variation in reality bracarense operated in the post of Commander. Leonardo Jardim left for Greece of candeias topsy-turvy with the President António Salvador; the latter cried tears by the worker of the 3rd place and consummated an old passion: José Peseiro, back to Portuguese football, is now the man who has the mission to lead the Legion arsenal the titles. Yes, titles, self-proclaimed goal by Warriors of Minho for 2012/2013.

Inputs and outputs, and a file with know uncertain

The bench to the turf, the Braga arrived men claims made looking for a second life of happiness in the National League. Are the cases of Beto and Rúben Micael. The first shone in Leixoes but ran out of space at FC Porto. Carried on in Cluj and in Braga promises «fight» to veteran Quim. As for the East, almost the same route. The national Dragon’s jump came naturally, but in Invicta did. Was sold to At. Madrid that neither the left warm, ceding it to Zaragoza. Was not very happy in Spain and, he says, neither thought twice when he heard the invitation of Peseiro.

In the attack, two points of order: the first relates to Éderzito, now red Braga after half a season to train alone. In the case of the Academic year and eventually signing on ‘ Quarry ‘, where, for now, is fellow Brazilian attack Lima. And here it comes to the second point: Lima remains ‘ Warrior ‘ and the goals come with the same Cadence always – four goals in the preseason. However, it was the mouth of own that came out the biggest of mistrust for the fans, because Lima waiting for a good proposal to give new wings to career.

These cases join other fiddling. Nuno Gomes, for example, took leave of the Minho just a year after arrival and sailed to England to pursue at Blackburn Rovers a career that already goes long but no end in sight.

Also Miguel Lopes no longer lives in Barnes, returned that is the fate of precedence, FC Porto. With Ee came out – for the FC Anzhi-also a major piece in chess Braga, although the Brazilian central defender was just transferred to SC Braga. In reverse, Manoel or Ismaily are, for example, reinforcements for Jose Peseiro work and use in the mission to maintain the SC Braga at the top and chase the much desired title.

Hard life in more complicated tests

With the light and the Benfica just around the corner, José Peseiro and supporters look with some – without being overstated – concern for the work of the preseason. It is true that the results are worth what they are worth, but can not be alarming that the runners-up of the Europa League of 2011 have failed in the tests more complicated preparation period. To losses with the Newcastle United (2-1) and Napoli (3-1), the SC Braga scored draws before the Olympiacos (1 x 1), «ex» Leonardo Jardim, West Ham United (1-1) and Gil Vicente (1 x 1), always with the defensive appraisal to be the biggest of problems, once in front of the «Minho» Cavalry never went blank.

Of all, the challenge of San Paolo in Naples, was one that put in the light of the evidence of the weaknesses that the SC Braga de Peseiro even patents. It was a European test requirement similar to fight themselves want to hang with FC Porto, Benfica and Sporting, but the ‘ holes ‘ were too many to mention a SC Braga consistent and fully prepared for the first major Championship clash at home of runner-up and direct competitor Sport Lisboa e Benfica. José Peseiro is different opinion, by taking in Light the ideal stage for the attest.

Académica Vs Porto Supertaça Preview

11 Aug

The day has come kick-off. The new football season starts today in Portugal, traditionally with the dispute of the UEFA Super Cup. FC Porto won the merits and academic to attempt conquest in Municipal de Aveiro, at 8:45 pm.

Where is Álvaro?

There is no way to bypass it. FC Porto reaches the first trophy of the season embroiled in a nasty case for everyone. We speak, of course, the «if Alvaro Pereira», which has dragged on since the end of last season so far. In the middle of the week there were ugly moments in the olive grove to involve the Uruguayan and Kléber, which earned the side clearance.

A disturbance in the preparation of the Dragons, which in Aveiro can reach his 19th Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, who are largely dominators. Academica, for example, dreams of the first trophy conquest that marks all season starts in Portugal since 1981.

For the duel with the students, Vitor Pereira called the most newsworthy of reinforcements. Jackson Martínez saw the international certificate arrive on time to be able to fight for first title of blue and white. The Colombian has shoulders the weight of an enormous transfer but, for now, the goal has not yet appeared.

Bashar wants new «cute»

Coimbra travel a team aware of the pedestal that is, well below the hierarchy portista. However, neither this removes the team of Pedro Emanuel dream and ambition of making the dragons that has already been done to the Lions, in Jamor, and that thanks to Bashar the ticket straight to the stage tonight.

The Academic dispute for the first time a Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, a fact that led Pedro Emanuel seeing evidence: “Unlike FC Porto, we’re just used to the end», said the coach of Bashar at a press conference.

FC Porto x Academica is then this evening at 8:45 pm. The offers you zerozero.pt in all direct from Aveiro.

Follow here the FC Porto-Academica in direct and up-to-the-minute, with all statistics and interesting curiosities.

Luisao Knocks German Referee Out

11 Aug

Luisão Benfica player knocks out referee

In Düsseldorf. The private game between Fortuna and Benfica ended to 40 minutes, 0x0, after Luisão have leaned against the match referee.

The history of seat-Captain Red to referee

In a bid with Javi García, Spanish asked Mr satisfactions. Luisão, Maxi and Carlos Martins also joined the confusion, the referee tried to remedy all with yellow to Spanish player of Benfica. However, the referee fell to the turf, when preparing to show yellow card Javi.

Reportedly, the judge dropped by a backrest Luisão, who was protesting the yellow which would leave for Javi.

After the fall, the referee received medical treatment, stood up and apparently was retrieved. But, the whole team of arbitration eventually collapse to spas.

The last Prep game of Benfica is thus marked by a break that can still make run ‘ a lot of ink ‘.

Mourinho defends Coentrão and announces a middle fielder

8 Aug

For Jose Mourinho’s criticism of the Spaniards to Fabio Coentrao don’t make sense. In Los Angeles, in the United States, the Portuguese coach came out in defense of the left side hired to Benfica by 30 million euros a year ago.

«After the Euro, with what he did there, I think changed the general opinion about Fabio. People see what they want to see and not what they should see when they come to me and tell me that Fabio in this game did this and that game made it, I remember the games that he made with Barcelona, with Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderón, with Bayern and with Athletic Bilbao», said the Portuguese quoted by the Record.

As for the comparison between Marcelo and Fabio Coentrao, Mourinho did not enter in ‘ wars.» «When fishing in the high seas, is more difficult. Defensively, Fabio is always very well. Plays in the main games because I totally trust him», shoots on the subject, and then address the question of reinforcements.

«Let’s hire a player. One player. It is a medium, Yes. One of a list of three names that we have. We are not angels to stay in the hand of a player, a President or a businessman. One of the three will come. Just need to know which one But are perfectly identified, because that’s how has working», explained, not to mention the name of Axel Witsel, Benfica midfielder who has been appointed to the meringues.

Benfica: Rodrigo ‘ prepared ‘ and with ‘ large ‘ expectations»

7 Aug

Rodrigo is back at Benfica, after service with the selection of London Olympics Spain (OJ). His father and Manager, Adalberto Machado, assumes that the player is ‘ prepared ‘ and with ‘ expectations “for the new season in the light.

«Rodrigo is happy to return to Benfica and feels prepared to make equal or better to what made season», explained Adalberto Machado, in statements to Antena 1.

The representative of the advanced Benfica says that the player is not ‘ affected ‘ with the result obtained in the OJ.

«Are completely different situations and Benfica is another situation, and Rodrigo will begin the season with high expectations.

U. Madeira and Freamunde advance in the Portuguese League Cup

7 Aug

Everything decided in Group A of the first group stage of the Portuguese League Cup. The União da Madeira beat Belenenses 1-0 and won the group with seven points, with the formation of Restelo to stay in 3rd place, behind the Freamunde, who beat Fulham by 1.

A goal, to 54 minutes, at Estádio da Madeira, arrived to the island to take team won the Belenenses and, with that, the group, scoring seven points, three more than the Belenenses and Freamunde, the second established.

In the second meeting of the group then, victory of Freamunde about Oliveirense by 2 teeth, with the team from Freamunde to finish in 2nd place and Oliveirense on the last post.

Manchester United draws 0x0 in Norway

5 Aug

Manchester United drew, this Sunday, goalless in the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo, front of the Kanoute. The Portuguese Nani was on the pitch at null of red devils, the first since the start of the preseason.

The Scottish team manager Alex Ferguson and runners-up England was, unsurprisingly, the best team in the duel with the runner-up, but also of Norway, however he always by sin at the time of finalizing the moves.

Danny Welbeck was in focus in the first part of the meeting, to participate in four of the biggest occasions of United’s goal, in a match in which Kagawa also continued to show fans of English, it is the largest contract to date.

In the second half, Chicharito Hernandez, 89 ‘, could have given the victory to United, but the strong goalkeeper Kanoute returned to show safe between the posts. Already at 91 ‘, Anderson threatened with a shot put, but the ball came out slightly over the top.

This was the second draw Manchester United in pre-season, after a ball forward to equal Ajax Cape Town. In the other three games Manchester won always 0x1.

Note also the absence of Alex Ferguson on the bench. According to Manchester United, the Scottish is to address issues important to the Club.