Sporting defeats Tétouan by 3-1

5 Aug

Sá Pinto: «we made a quality game»

Having seen his team win the third place Trophy Colombino, after defeating the Moroccans of Tétouan by 3-1, Sá Pinto considered that, with the wet field, the lions have managed to show his true football.

“I think on the eve there was a set of circumstances that have failed to develop the game we wanted and get the result we wanted. Were higher in the second half and we didn’t deserve to leave defeated. Dry or wet terrain differences cause in our game. We asked for water before the first game, but it was not possible. Now, with the wet ground, has been different, we did a quality game, we played placed, balanced, “explained coach Leo.

“We knew that the opponent would try, through diagonals, make counterattacks on the back of our defense, but we dominated the game from start to finish. Conceded a goal unfairly, that we should not have suffered, but the players are to be congratulated. I leave satisfied. At this stage we try to be fair with everyone and give opportunities to all, the distribution of minutes has been balanced. There may be three or four players who do not have so many minutes, but overall it is balanced and when I say I have 24 or 25 holders is not by chance, is because everyone can represent the Sporting. Cannot play all at the same time, but everyone will be able to contribute to the success of the team, “he concluded.


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