Mourinho defends Coentrão and announces a middle fielder

8 Aug

For Jose Mourinho’s criticism of the Spaniards to Fabio Coentrao don’t make sense. In Los Angeles, in the United States, the Portuguese coach came out in defense of the left side hired to Benfica by 30 million euros a year ago.

«After the Euro, with what he did there, I think changed the general opinion about Fabio. People see what they want to see and not what they should see when they come to me and tell me that Fabio in this game did this and that game made it, I remember the games that he made with Barcelona, with Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderón, with Bayern and with Athletic Bilbao», said the Portuguese quoted by the Record.

As for the comparison between Marcelo and Fabio Coentrao, Mourinho did not enter in ‘ wars.» «When fishing in the high seas, is more difficult. Defensively, Fabio is always very well. Plays in the main games because I totally trust him», shoots on the subject, and then address the question of reinforcements.

«Let’s hire a player. One player. It is a medium, Yes. One of a list of three names that we have. We are not angels to stay in the hand of a player, a President or a businessman. One of the three will come. Just need to know which one But are perfectly identified, because that’s how has working», explained, not to mention the name of Axel Witsel, Benfica midfielder who has been appointed to the meringues.


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