Académica Vs Porto Supertaça Preview

11 Aug

The day has come kick-off. The new football season starts today in Portugal, traditionally with the dispute of the UEFA Super Cup. FC Porto won the merits and academic to attempt conquest in Municipal de Aveiro, at 8:45 pm.

Where is Álvaro?

There is no way to bypass it. FC Porto reaches the first trophy of the season embroiled in a nasty case for everyone. We speak, of course, the «if Alvaro Pereira», which has dragged on since the end of last season so far. In the middle of the week there were ugly moments in the olive grove to involve the Uruguayan and Kléber, which earned the side clearance.

A disturbance in the preparation of the Dragons, which in Aveiro can reach his 19th Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, who are largely dominators. Academica, for example, dreams of the first trophy conquest that marks all season starts in Portugal since 1981.

For the duel with the students, Vitor Pereira called the most newsworthy of reinforcements. Jackson Martínez saw the international certificate arrive on time to be able to fight for first title of blue and white. The Colombian has shoulders the weight of an enormous transfer but, for now, the goal has not yet appeared.

Bashar wants new «cute»

Coimbra travel a team aware of the pedestal that is, well below the hierarchy portista. However, neither this removes the team of Pedro Emanuel dream and ambition of making the dragons that has already been done to the Lions, in Jamor, and that thanks to Bashar the ticket straight to the stage tonight.

The Academic dispute for the first time a Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, a fact that led Pedro Emanuel seeing evidence: “Unlike FC Porto, we’re just used to the end», said the coach of Bashar at a press conference.

FC Porto x Academica is then this evening at 8:45 pm. The offers you in all direct from Aveiro.

Follow here the FC Porto-Academica in direct and up-to-the-minute, with all statistics and interesting curiosities.


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