Braga Team 2012 – 2013

14 Aug

At ports of entry for the new season, the major variation in reality bracarense operated in the post of Commander. Leonardo Jardim left for Greece of candeias topsy-turvy with the President António Salvador; the latter cried tears by the worker of the 3rd place and consummated an old passion: José Peseiro, back to Portuguese football, is now the man who has the mission to lead the Legion arsenal the titles. Yes, titles, self-proclaimed goal by Warriors of Minho for 2012/2013.

Inputs and outputs, and a file with know uncertain

The bench to the turf, the Braga arrived men claims made looking for a second life of happiness in the National League. Are the cases of Beto and Rúben Micael. The first shone in Leixoes but ran out of space at FC Porto. Carried on in Cluj and in Braga promises «fight» to veteran Quim. As for the East, almost the same route. The national Dragon’s jump came naturally, but in Invicta did. Was sold to At. Madrid that neither the left warm, ceding it to Zaragoza. Was not very happy in Spain and, he says, neither thought twice when he heard the invitation of Peseiro.

In the attack, two points of order: the first relates to Éderzito, now red Braga after half a season to train alone. In the case of the Academic year and eventually signing on ‘ Quarry ‘, where, for now, is fellow Brazilian attack Lima. And here it comes to the second point: Lima remains ‘ Warrior ‘ and the goals come with the same Cadence always – four goals in the preseason. However, it was the mouth of own that came out the biggest of mistrust for the fans, because Lima waiting for a good proposal to give new wings to career.

These cases join other fiddling. Nuno Gomes, for example, took leave of the Minho just a year after arrival and sailed to England to pursue at Blackburn Rovers a career that already goes long but no end in sight.

Also Miguel Lopes no longer lives in Barnes, returned that is the fate of precedence, FC Porto. With Ee came out – for the FC Anzhi-also a major piece in chess Braga, although the Brazilian central defender was just transferred to SC Braga. In reverse, Manoel or Ismaily are, for example, reinforcements for Jose Peseiro work and use in the mission to maintain the SC Braga at the top and chase the much desired title.

Hard life in more complicated tests

With the light and the Benfica just around the corner, José Peseiro and supporters look with some – without being overstated – concern for the work of the preseason. It is true that the results are worth what they are worth, but can not be alarming that the runners-up of the Europa League of 2011 have failed in the tests more complicated preparation period. To losses with the Newcastle United (2-1) and Napoli (3-1), the SC Braga scored draws before the Olympiacos (1 x 1), «ex» Leonardo Jardim, West Ham United (1-1) and Gil Vicente (1 x 1), always with the defensive appraisal to be the biggest of problems, once in front of the «Minho» Cavalry never went blank.

Of all, the challenge of San Paolo in Naples, was one that put in the light of the evidence of the weaknesses that the SC Braga de Peseiro even patents. It was a European test requirement similar to fight themselves want to hang with FC Porto, Benfica and Sporting, but the ‘ holes ‘ were too many to mention a SC Braga consistent and fully prepared for the first major Championship clash at home of runner-up and direct competitor Sport Lisboa e Benfica. José Peseiro is different opinion, by taking in Light the ideal stage for the attest.


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