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Luisao Knocks German Referee Out

11 Aug

Luisão Benfica player knocks out referee

In Düsseldorf. The private game between Fortuna and Benfica ended to 40 minutes, 0x0, after Luisão have leaned against the match referee.

The history of seat-Captain Red to referee

In a bid with Javi García, Spanish asked Mr satisfactions. Luisão, Maxi and Carlos Martins also joined the confusion, the referee tried to remedy all with yellow to Spanish player of Benfica. However, the referee fell to the turf, when preparing to show yellow card Javi.

Reportedly, the judge dropped by a backrest Luisão, who was protesting the yellow which would leave for Javi.

After the fall, the referee received medical treatment, stood up and apparently was retrieved. But, the whole team of arbitration eventually collapse to spas.

The last Prep game of Benfica is thus marked by a break that can still make run ‘ a lot of ink ‘.